Izmir Travel & Photography Guide

Σμύρνη, Smyrna, Esmirna

Izmir Travel Photography Guide

A short and concise guide about Izmir. I’m working as a Professional Photographer in Izmir and around. Now I will share my experiences and photos with you. I hope it goes well. For more information, you can contact me by e-mail.

General Information – All About Izmir – Izmir Travel & Photography Guide

My first impressions of Izmir : Relaxed, but also Noisy and Fun

Language: Turkish
Population: 4,6 million people
Currency: Lira
Visa and Entry: Turkish Visa is required for some non-EU countries. Passport control is smooth.

Izmir Travel & Photography Guide
Izmir, Pearl of Aegean

  • History of Izmir, city has more than 3,000 years of recorded urban history.
  • City’s name a reference to the name of an Amazon called Smyrna said to have seduced Theseus, leading him to name the city in her honor.
  • Architectural structure 7-8 story reinforced concrete apartments in main quarters. Very few old buildings. Slums in suburbs.
  • The Greek settlement in Old Smyrna is attested by the presence of pottery dating from about 1000 BC onwards. The most ancient ruins preserved to our times date back to 725–700 BC.
  • Smyrna achieved the identity of a city-state. About a thousand people lived inside the city walls, with others living in nearby villages.
  • Alexander the Great, re-founded the city at a new location beyond the Meles River around 340 BC.
  • The Turks first captured Smyrna under the Seljuk commander Çaka Bey in 1076.
  • Izmir’s remarkable growth began in the late 16th century when cotton, fig and other products of the region brought French, English, Dutch and Venetian traders here.
  • The first railway lines to be built within the present-day territory of Turkey went from Izmir. Izmir – Aydin railway was started in 1856 and finished in 1867.
  • According to the 1893 Ottoman census, 79,000 was Turkish, with 53,000 Greeks, 15,000 Jews, 6,800 Armenians, and 54,000 foreign nationals.
  • Prior to the World War I, Izmir hosted more Greeks than Athens, the capital of Greece.
  • On 15 May 1919, the Greek Army landed in Smyrna, but the Greek expedition towards central Anatolia was disastrous for both that country and for the local Greeks of Anatolia. By September 1922 the Greek army had been defeated and was in full retreat, the last Greek soldiers leaving Smyrna on 8 September 1922.
  • In 2020, the city was damaged by the Aegean Sea earthquake and tsunami.

Best Places to visit in Izmir – Izmir Travel & Photography Guide

  1. Enjoy Turkey’s Most Open City – If you are in Istanbul, do not think that Istanbul is the most liberal city of Turkey. Because it is not true. Izmir is known as Turkey’s most proudly liberal city and while it’s also its 3rd largest city. You may shoot some street photos and portraits. It is a good opportunity to pose opposing lifestyles. Conservative and liberal lifestyles. People really seem to enjoy living here and there’s much less tension here compared to Istanbul.

Izmir Travel & Photography Guide
Izmir Kordon Shore

Kordon – It’s an icon of the city and what really makes Izmir special. I can’t imagine Izmir without its Kordon, the long seaside promenade always full of life. Stretching 6 km from Alasancak down to Konak Square, it passes by popular spots like Republic Square (Cumhuriyet Meydani) and Konak Pier. The whole way, though, you’ll pass through plenty of life and interest. You will also walk by bicycle paths, gyms, benches, cafes, bars, fishermen, and the endless view of the Aegean Sea. . Strolling promenades with your camera, while feeling the cool sea breeze is enjoyable.

Explore Jewish History of Izmir – Until 1920s Ikicesmelik and Karatas were important Jewish Quarters if Izmir. In that period 7% of the city’s population was Jews. Today, Karatas is a popular district with its great synagogue, historical elevator and Dario Moreno Street, which takes its name from a famous Jewish musician from Izmir. It offers photographic frames with its cute cafes on the street, the old Jewish hospital, the magnificent view of Izmir Bay from the top of the historical elevator.

Izmir Travel & Photography Guide
Agora of Smyrna

Foca –  Foca, also known as Eski Foca (Old Foca), is a lovely seaside town on the Aegean coast, located less than 70 kilometers northwest of Izmir. Nowadays, it is very easy to reach with the suburban system called “izban”. Foca harbors great history, beautiful stone houses, spectacular boats and an impressive geographical setup. It allows you to walk the coastline past a medieval castle & cybele altar and arrive at the heart of the town. The town is V-shaped, meaning you get to witness beautiful buildings and restaurants and the bustling atmosphere from either side of the shoreline. Foca also has 6 small islands that dot the shoreline making for spectacular views and great boat excursions. Sirens’ Rocks mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey. Also, town boasts six Blue Flag beaches that, although are not smack dab in the center, are close by and easily accessible. Ingiliz Burnu, which is located on the coast heading towards Mersinaki happens to be the best spot to watch the sunset

Izmir Travel & Photography Guide


Alacati – Alacati is a small town just a hop and skip away from Izmir on the west coast of Turkey. The charming town is a hidden gem that most foreign people haven’t heard of, and the majority of first-time visitors leave Alacati off their Turkey itinerary. Its strong winds make it an ideal spot for windsurfing and kitesurfing. The boutique hotels in Alacati are beautifully furnished and cosy, with hoteliers, usually escapees from big city life, friendly and hospitable. 

Food in Alacati is also a delight. Alacati has fresh seafood, deliciously grilled, stewed, or served chilled in olive oil. In April, there is the Herb Festival, which brings to the fore many fresh herbs that grow locally and are used in dishes special to the area. Then there are ice cream, cookies and coffee, all flavoured with mastic and all with a unique taste. Alacati is a photographic paradise with its historical mills, stylish, cute and colorful cafes and wonderful beaches.

Ephesus – One of Turkey’s top tourist attractions, Ephesus is the most important and best preserved ancient city. It is an outstanding universal value of the world for all time, and its history dates back to 6000 BC. Ephesus generously offers magnificent photographs with its huge Roman Amphitheater, harbor street, ancient brothel and amazing Celsus Library.

What you Need to Know – Izmir Travel and Photography Guide

Weather in Izmir

In July, the hottest month, the average air temperature is 25 degrees. In January, the coldest month, this figure drops to 6 degrees. The rainiest month is November. In August, the sea water temperature reaches 26 degrees.

Click Here for Izmir Weather Forecast

Izmir Travel & Photography Guide
Iconic Clock Tower of Izmir

Places to Stay:

Airbnb is a good choice for renting a house in the center of Izmir. Also, Izmir offers quite a few options for airbnb. If you want to stay in downtown, Alsancak is the favourite place to stay. The average hotel price per night for 2 people in Izmir is around 50 euros. The average price in 4-star hotels is 80 euros/night and 5-star-hotels is 110 euros/night. Hostel prices are between €10 and €20 per night for one person.

Professional Photo Shooting in Izmir

While you are in Izmir don’t you want a Professional Photo Shooting experience? We offer four different location options.

  • Konak : Konak Square, Iconic Clock Tower, Kemeralti Bazaar & Kizlaragasi Inn
  • Historical Elevator : Karatas District, Dario Moreno Street, Historical Jewish Elevator, Izmir Bay view.
  • Alsancak : Kordon Sea Shore, Old French Street (Kibris Sehitleri), Pasaport
  • Karsiyaka : Karsiyaka Bazaar, Old Train Station, Girne Park

Izmir Travel & Photography Guide

Rent a Car in Izmir

Izmir Car Rental: There are offices of international companies such as Avance, Avis & Budget, Hertz & Thrifty and Sixth in Izmir Airport’s arrivals ground floor. The roads are comfortable for driving. The city center is 20 kilometers from the airport. It is possible to reach the city by car in 30 minutes. Cesme is 85 km and trip takes 50 min. Foca is 88km from airport, Ephesus is 64km.

Just as this time you can visit around Izmir, Kusadasi is only 80 km and journey takes about 1hour. Pamukkale is 225km and 3 hrs by car. If you like long trips by car, Bodrum is 220km, Marmaris is 245km, Istanbul is 500km it is around 5 hours via motorway.

Direct Flights to Izmir

The closest airport to come to Alacati is Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport. There are direct flights to Izmir from many cities in Turkey as well. And also direct flights from ;

Germany, UK, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland, Israel, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Hungary, Finland, Austria, Russia, Greece, UAE, Ukraine, Macedonia, Cyprus, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Lebanon, Jordan and Kuwait

  • Amman, Jordan : Pegasus Airlines
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands : Sun Express, Corendon Airways, TUIfly Netherlands
  • Athens, Greece : Olympic Air
  • Baku, Azerbaijan : Buta Airways, Pegasus Airlines
  • Basel, Switzerland : Sun Express
  • Beirut, Lebanon : Sun Express , Turkish Airlines
  • Birmingham, UK : Jet2
  • Berlin, Germany : Sun Express Airlines, Corendon Airways, Pegasus Airlines
  • Bremen, Germany : Sun Express
  • Bristol, UK : Jet2
  • Brussels, Belgium : Sun Express, Corendon Airways, TUI Airlines
  • Budapest, Hungary : Sun Express
  • Cologne, Germany : Pegasus Airlines, Sun Express Airlines, Corendon Airways, Eurowings
  • Copenhagen, Denmark : Corendon Airways, Sun Express
  • Doha, Qatar : Qatar Air
  • Dortmund, Germany : Sun Express
  • Dublin, Ireland : Aer Lingus, Sun Express
  • Dusseldorf, Germany : Pegasus Airlines, Sun Express Airlines, Corendon Airways, Eurowings
  • Edinburg, UK : Jet2
  • Eindhoven, Netherlands : Sun Express
  • Frankfurt, Germany : Sun Express Airlines, Corendon Airways
  • Geneva, Switzerland: Sun Express, Easy Jet
  • Glasgow, UK : Jet2
  • Hamburg, Germany : Sun Express
  • Hannover, Germany : Sun Express Airlines
  • Helsinki, Finland : Sun Express
  • Kuwait, Kuwait : Kuwait
  • Leeds, UK : Jet2
  • Liverpool, UK : Easy Jet
  • London, UK : Pegasus Airlines (Stansted), Jet2 (Stansted), Sun Express (Luton), Easy Jet (Gatwick)
  • Lyon, France : Sun Express Airlines
  • Manchester, UK : Sun Express Airlines, Jet2
  • Milan, Italy : Sun Express Airlines
  • Moscow, Russia : Pegasus Airlines
  • Munich, Germany : Sun Express
  • Nantes, France : Sun Express Airlines
  • Newcastle, UK : Jet2
  • Nicosia, Cyprus : Pegasus Airlines
  • Nottingham, UK : Jet2
  • Nuremberg, Germany : Sun Express Airlines
  • Oslo, Norway : Sun Express Airlines
  • Paris, France : Sun Express Airlines
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands : Sun Express Airlines
  • Skopje, Macedonia : Sun Express Airlines, Pegasus Airlines
  • Stockholm, Sweden : Sun Express Airlines
  • Stuttgart, Germany : Pegasus Airlines, Sun Express Airlines, Corendon Airways, Eurowings, Turkish Airlines
  • Tabriz, Iran : Turkish Airlines
  • Tbilisi, Georgia : Pegasus Airlines
  • Tehran, Iran : Ata Air, Iran Air, Iran Airtour, Turkish Airlines
  • Tel Aviv, Israel : Sun Express Airlines
  • Vienna, Austria : Sun Express, Corendon Airways, Pegasus
  • Zurich, Switzerland : Corendon Airways

Izmir Karatas - www.kivancturkalp.com
Dario Moreno Street, Karatas District

Bus and Train Service from Izmir Airport

Bus service runs every 30 minutes. The journey to the city center takes about 70 minutes. Single fare of bus is €2. Tickets can be purchased on board the service.

There is also train system (Izban) from Adnan Menderes Airport to Downtown Izmir. Izban journey takes 1 hour and 15 minutes. You may check its website in here but unfortunately only Turkish.

Cost of Living in Izmir

Restaurants : Meal in an inexpensive restaurant is €5. A Mc Donald’s menu is €3. Meal for two in a mid-range restaurant is €15. Cappucino is €1, Cola (330) is €0,4 and water (0,33) is €0,20

Transportation : One way public transport is €0,3. 1 liter gasoline is €1,50 and taxi starts from €1,50.

Markets : 0,5 liter bottle domestic beer is €1,40. 0,33 liter imported beer is €2. A pack of Marlboro cigarette is €2. Mid-range bottle of wine is €7.

Izmir Kemeralti - www.kivancturkalp.com
Historical Kemeralti Bazaar

Turkish Cuisine – Izmir Travel & Photography Guide

Izmir does not offer good tastes in terms of Turkish cuisine. The most famous and traditional flavor is Kumru. Kumru, a kind of fast food sandwich, contains sausage, tomato and cheese.

Boyoz, is a traditional Jewish pastry. It may good for breakfast.

Lokma, decadent, and sugar-packed dessert is usually made with a mixture of flour, sugar, yeast, and salt, which is deep-fried and then bathed in syrup or honey. The origin of lokma fritters is ancient but often debated. It is presumed that they first appeared in Turkey.

Tips – Izmir Travel & Photography Guide

  • Two days are enough time for a general city visit. But, if you prefer to taste various delicious foods and see the nightlife, you can stay three or four days.
  • Watch out for the unbearable heat in summer.
  • There are bus and train services from the airport to the city center. You have to buy tickets from the kiosk.
  • Local people do not spend the summer months in Izmir. Instead they go to the very nearby sea houses. If you come to Izmir on summer, don’t stay in downtown and explore around.
  • Majority of people in Turkey can not speak English well.

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Thessaloniki Travel Photography Guide

Selanik,  Θεσσαλονίκη , Salonica

Thessaloniki Travel & Photography Guide

A short and concise guide about Thessaloniki. I have been many times. I organized many PhotoWalks in Thessaloniki with the Greeks and foreigners. Now I will share my experiences and photos with you. I hope it goes well. For more information, you can contact me by e-mail.


General Information Thessaloniki Travel & Photography Guide

Thessaloniki… It was the Jerusalem of Balkans before 1912. In Turkish times, Thessaloniki’s (Salonca) Jewish element was the most dominant. However, very little remains of that colorful and cosmopolitan history in Thessaloniki.

Unfortunately, there are not many preserved old buildings in Thessaloniki. What remains are structures that survived the great fire of 1917 and, in a rather skewed way, urbanization. But, the most famous of those, the White Tower, is still standing.

Thessaloniki Travel & Photography Guide
Thessaloniki Travel Photography Guide

My first impressions of Thessaloniki : Quite Relaxed, Noisy and Fun

Language: Greek
Population: 1 million people
Currency: Euro
Visa and Entry: Schengen Visa is required for non-EU. Passport control is smooth.

  • Founding date of the city is 315 BC.
  • The original name of the city was Thessalonike. It was named after the princess Thessalonike of Macedon. It means “Thessalian victory”, from Thessalos, and Νike ‘victory’.
  • Architectural structure 6-7 story reinforced concrete apartments and tents in every balcony. But very few old buildings.
  • Thessaloniki came under Turkish rule in 1379. After 500 years, in 1912, the Greeks occupied the city.
  • October 26, 1912, the victorious Greek cavalry rode into Thessaloniki, the richest and most cosmopolitan city in the Ottoman Empire. The city’s vast wealth created centuries earlier by powerful Levantine dynasties. Its factories teemed with Turks, Jewish, Greeks, and Bulgarians. Together, they had created a majority Jewish city that was unique in the christian Balkans. But to the Greek nationalists, Salonica was a city of infidels. Finally, Greek troops descended on Salonica. They rampaged first through the Turkish and Jewish quarter, and then throughout the rest of the city.
  • In August 1917, a suspicious fire broke out, according to Western press. Especially Turkish and Jewish quarters were burned in the fire. After that, a formative component of redevelopment was to establish Thessaloniki as a clearly ‘Hellenic’ city. In other words, it was devoid of its Ottoman past and dominated by ethnic Greeks.
  • Turks were subjected to forced migration from Thessaloniki in 1922.
  • In 1925, government destroyed all the minarets of the city ,except Rotonda. Because it evokes Turkish sovereignty.
  • In 1931, an antisemitic riot, led by Nationalist Greeks, took place in Campbell. It was a Jewish hood and was completely burned. As a result, Leaving 500 families homeless and one Jewish resident dead.
  • The city was occupied by Germany in 1941.
  • In 1997, Thessaloniki was the European Capital of Culture.
  • It was the European Youth Capital in 2014

Best Places for Photography in Thessaloniki – Thessaloniki Travel & Photography Guide

In every city we have one question : How to instagram #thessaloniki 🙂

1. White Tower – It was built by the Turks in the 15th century by order of the famous ruler Suleiman, the Magnificent. It is a small copy of Rumeli Fortress of Istanbul. The tower, which was painted white in 1891, is still called the White Tower, although it is not white. After that, Greeks demolished the walls around it. The tower is a museum today and offers a 360-degree view of Thessaloniki. Admission is 3,- euros. English audio guide is free.

Thessaloniki Travel Photography Guide

2. Ladadika – The Ladadika hood, close to Thessaloniki Port, takes its name from the olive oil warehouses found in the past. Previously, the area where Jewish traders were located. But, totally changed in the 1980s. Also, Former bordello of Thessaloniki was in this district. A Muslim place of worship has also been converted into a “cafe and bar”. In conclusion, Ladadik is so nice place for Photo Shooting. Address : Fasianou Street, 3

3. Tsinari : The district’s name was Çınar Mahalle (plane tree in Turkish) before the Turks were subjected to forced migration from the city. Now, it called Ano Poli (upper city). Tsinari is one of the rare neighborhoods in the city where you can find history before the 1970s. Above all, It is worth seeing with its old-style houses, mansions and fountain of Murat II. (Address : Agiou Nikolaou,3 Upper City)

Thessaloniki Travel Photography Guide

A piece of Istanbul and a piece of Izmir

Thessaloniki Travel Photography Guide

4. Yedi Kule -At the top of the city stand the Yedi Kule (seven towers) , known by its Turkish name, with panoramic Thessaloniki view. the Eptapirgio Castle, which, despite, its present-day tranquility, ranks as one of the city’s most storied and colorful monuments. Yedi Kule is one of the best area for Photography. Especially, for sunrise or sunset times. Adress : Trigonio Tower

A piece of history and beautiful landscapes

5. Hamza Bey Mosque – This Ottoman mosque is in the center of city. Just, in front of old municipality building. (Venezelou Street, 39) Temple is still, the biggest mosque in Greece. It built in 1467 by Lady Hafsa. But In 1925, The minaret of the mosque was demolished. And also, the temple was converted into a movie theater called Alkazar. New owner added shops to street side. They demolished its outer walls to expand the display cases. In addition to natural wear, destructions were made due to reasons such as expanding shops, opening windows, and building a warehouse in the basement. The floor was raised for the movie theater. Over time, when things got worse, the temple turned into a movie theater showing porn movies. Then it closed.

Restoration, which has not been completed for 15 years, still continues. But for sure, it will not reopen as a temple.

Thessaloniki Travel Photography Guide

6. Agia Triada – Agia Triada was one of the richest hood in Turkish times. Formerly it was famous with seaside mensions. Before 1912, it is a district (former Hamidiye) where especially donmehs lived.

Donmeh were a group of Sabbatean crypto-Jews in the Ottoman Empire who converted outwardly to Islam. But, retained their Jewish faith and Kabbalistic beliefs in secret.

The biggest Donmeh Temple (Hamidiye Cami or Yeni Cami) is still standing. Now it is a part of Archeological Museum. (Archeologikou Mousiou, 30)

So, when you visit the structure, you may notice that the temple resembles a synagogue more than a mosque. But the Government destroyed the minaret of the mosque and converted mosque into a museum.

Also, you can see some old Turkish mansions that have managed to survive in this district.

Thessaloniki Travel Photography Guide

What You Need to Know Thessaloniki Travel & Photography Guide

Weather in Thessaloniki

In July, the hottest month, the average air temperature is 25 degrees. In January, the coldest month, this figure drops to 6 degrees. But, the rainiest month is November. In August, the sea water temperature reaches 26 degrees.

Click Here for Thessaloniki Weather Forecast

Thessaloniki Places to Stay:

Airbnb is a good choice for renting a house in the center of Thessaloniki. Also, Thessaloniki offers quite a few options for airbnb. The average hotel price per night for 2 people in Thessaloniki is around 70 euros. But the average price in 4-star hotels is 90 euros/night and 5-star-hotels is 150 euros/night. Meanwhile, Hostel prices are between €15 and €30 per night for one person.

Rent a Car in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki Car Rental: There are offices of international companies such as Avance, Avis & Budget, Hertz & Thrifty and Sixth in Thessaloniki Airport’s arrivals ground floor. The roads are comfortable for driving. The city center is 13 kilometers from Thessaloniki Airport. It is possible to reach the city by car in 17 minutes. Halkidiki is 57 km and trip takes 50 min.

Just as this time you can visit around Thessaloniki, Dojran (Macedonia) is only 90 km and journey takes about 1hour. Skopje is 250km and 290km. If you like long trips by car, Tirana (Albania) is 400km, Bulgarian capital Sofia is 300km, Also, Istanbul (Turkey) is 580km.

Thessaloniki Flights

Companies operating domestic flights (Kalamata, Heraklion, Athens, Mytilini, Mykonos) in Greece are Aegean, Sky Express and Olympic. Also, airport provides international flights. Swiss (Zurich), Lufthansa (Frankfurt, Munich), Turkish (Istanbul), Ryan (Venice, Katowice, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Warsaw), Aeroflot (Moscow), Wizz (Vienna, Kutaisi), Austrian (Vienna), Transavia (Amsterdam) and Eurowings (Hamburg, Cologne) operate international flights.

Bus Service from Thessaloniki Airport

Bus service runs every 30 minutes. The journey from airport to the city center takes about 40 – 50 minutes. Single fare of bus is €2. Tickets can be purchased by vending machines on board the service also.

Thessaloniki Port

The Port of Thessaloniki is right next to the center and is easily accessible by car, taxi or bus. Although there are several bus services from the city center to the port. You can take bus 15 and get off at the stop Limani (“port”), which is less than a 3-minute walk from the port’s main gate. If you like walking, it should take you maximum 20-25 minutes to get to the port on foot. Also, there are Frequent ferry connections are Alonissos, Andros, Heraklion, Crete, Skaithos and Skopelos.

Cost of Living in Thessaloniki

Restaurants : Meal in an inexpensive restaurant is €10. A Mc Donald’s menu is €7. Meal for two in a mid-range restaurant is €35. Cappucino is €2,75, Cola (330) is €1,25 and water (0,33) is €0,50

Transportation : One way public transport is €1. But, 1 liter gasoline is €1,50 and taxi starts from €3,50.

Markets : 0,5 liter bottle domestic beer is €1,40. 0,33 liter imported beer is €2. A pack of Marlboro cigarette is €4,60. Mid-range bottle of wine is €7.

Greek Cuisine -Thessaloniki Travel and Photo Guide

The most famous and traditional flavor is Bougatsa. So you know, Cheese Pastry. It is a good choice for breakfast.

Since frappe is a coffee unique to Thessaloniki and originated from here. And, it is possible to find iced frappe everywhere. Turkish Coffee is another option for a cup of drink. But, Greeks call it Greek coffee.

Greek Ouzo can be good choice. You can enjoy the Thessaloniki cuisine, which is a fusion of Mediterranean and Eastern cuisines, at long dinners called Halara. In Halara, which is used to mean relax, no need to rush, the meal doesn’t come on time, don’t get angry if you wait for your drink! So you know, some people can be lazy.

Tips – Thessaloniki Travel and Photo Guide

  • One day is enough time for a general city visit. But, if you prefer to taste various delicious foods and see the nightlife, you can stay two days.
  • Watch out for the unbearable heat in summer.
  • There are bus services from the airport to the city center. Though you have to buy tickets from the kiosk.
  • The city is a bit dirty and noisy. But so funny.
  • Beware of theft and snatching.
  • There is no need to pay for public transport (except airport bus) as there is no ticket control.

Thessaloniki Nightlife

To thedro sto bar (Το δέντρο στο): This is an old mansion type building with high ceilings, old wood covering, and a large staircase. Live Greek music available.

Thessaloniki nightlife, Thessaloniki restaurants, what to eat in Thessaloniki, where to go in Thessaloniki

Pastaflora darling: Located in the center of the city on Zefxidos Street, this place is famous for its coffee and cocktails.

Pulp: A variety of colorful beers. This is the best place for beer lovers.

Coctail Bar : Interesting music, nice people and cocktails. Cocktail prices are between 7 and 10 euros. It might be a little pricey, but it’s a nice place.

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London Travel & Photography Guide

London, Londres, Londra

London Travel & Photography Guide

This Metropolis is one of the largest and most densely populated cities in the world. Also, It is a cultural and fashion capital, a great place to go out, and an amazing place to eat. The only problem with London is that it’s very, very expensive; it can eat away at your budget if you aren’t careful.

You Should Know Before Go – London Travel & Photography Guide

London has been a political, cultural and economic centre of western Europe complete with a rich history.

My first impressions of London : Pubs, museums, theater, and royalty.
Language: English
Population: 14 million
Currency: Pound
Visa and Entry:  UK Visa

  • 2nd largest city of Europe
  • London was the world’s most populous city from 1831 to 1925. Its population was 8,6 million in 1939.
  • London is not a christian city. Only 40% of population is christian.
  • London’s economy is the largest in Europe. London Stock Exchange is one of the world’s oldest stock exchanges and can trace its history back to 1571.
  • 65 million tourists visited London in 2015.
  • London Metro line opened in 1863 and it has 270 stations.
London City Guide

Best Photo Shooting Places in London London Travel & Photography Guide

  1. Big Ben and the House of Parliament

2. Tower of London

3. Buckingham Palace 

4. Westminster Abbey

5. Trafalgar Square

london telephone booth long exposure lights

Things to Capture – Photo Shooting Alternatives in London

Architecture (Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, 19th-Century Neoclassical, Art Nouveau, Communist)

Fairytale Feeling with towers and churchs.

London Eye

if you get up early you can explore and capture a much different looking, and feeling, London. You can spend days walking the cobblestone streets of the center with your camera. Also, if you have time and know any locals, you can venture outside the center to capture a completely different city.

For transportation from London airports with London Public Transport, you will need a London Map and London Metro Map. You will find them in airport.

If you read this London Travel & Photography Guide but still have some questions about shooting in London, feel free to comment below or email me!

Weather of London for Travellers

London has a humid continental climate. The winters are relatively cold with average temperatures at about freezing point, and with very little sunshine. Snow cover can be common between mid-November and late March although snow accumulations of more than 20 cm (8 in) are infrequent.

Summers usually bring plenty of sunshine and the average high temperature of 24 °C (75 °F). Nights can be quite cool even in summer, though.

Average high in July is 24,5 °C (76 °F). Average low in January is *-4°C (25 °F).

Click here for Weather forecast of London!

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Üsküp Gezi Fotoğraf Rehberi

Skopje, Shkup

Üsküp Gezi Fotoğraf Rehberi

600 yıl Türk egemenliğinde kalmış Makedonya’nın başkenti Üsküp hakkında Gezi ve Fotoğraf Rehberi. Gezilecek yerler, en iyi fotoğraf mekanları, Üsküp’te yapılacaklar, alışveriş ve gece hayatı…

Indeks Üsküp Rehberi

GENEL BiLGiLERÜsküp Gezi Fotoğraf Rehberi

Vardar Nehri’nin her iki yakasına uzanmış Üsküp’e hoş geldiniz. Üsküp, genellikle Ohrid, Belgrad, Mostar, Saraybosna ve Selanik’i içeren Balkanlar Turu’nda ziyaret edilen şehirlerden birisi. Üsküp, hem Bizans hem de Osmanlı döneminde önemini korumuş bir kent. Günümüzde şehir, büyük bir yeniden inşa projesi sayesinde hızlı bir dönüşüm geçirmekte. Bir yandan Türklerden kalan yapılar, diğer tarafta köklü Slav kültürü, eski Yugoslavya’dan kalan korkunç komünist bloklar ve yeni yapılan çakma neoklasik binaları ile Üsküp tam bir mimari karmaşa.

Üsküp hakkında ilk izlenim: Türk Etkisi.

Günümüzde Üsküp, fazla turistik olmamakla beraber genellikle tarihi çarşısı ve kültürü için ziyaret edilen bir şehir. Üsküp’te Avrupalı veya Amerikalı turist bulmak çok mümkün değil. Turist olarak genellikle içinde Türklerin de yer aldığı, Balkan ülkelerinden gelenler bulunuyor. Dünya turizmi açısından Üsküp, 3. sınıf bir destinasyon ve fazla tercih edilen bir yer değil malesef.

HIZLI BİLGİLENDİRMELER – Üsküp Gezi Fotoğraf Rehberi

  • Dil : Makedonca, Arnavutça, Türkçe
  • Üsküp Nüfusu: 600 bin
  • Üsküp’te Para Birimi: Makedonya Dinarı
  • Üsküp’e Vize varmı : Vizesiz. Girişte bazı sorular sorulabilir.
  • Şehrin kuruluşu binlerce yıl geriye dayanır.
  • 1912-13 döneminde Türk yönetiminden çıktı.
  • 1963 yılında Üsküp yaşanan büyük bir depremle yıkıldı.
  • 1991 yılında bağımsızlığın ilan edilişinden bu yana Kuzey Makedonya Cumhuriyeti’nin başkenti.
  • 2010’da Üsküp 2014 isimli bir proje ile şehre tarihi görünümlü büyük binalar ve heykeller yapılmaya başlandı. Söylentilere göre 200 ile 500 milyon Euro harcanarak şehrin hem turist çekmesi hem de Makedon kültürünün etkisinin artırılması amaçlanmış.

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Üsküp Eski Çarşı

Makedon Kültürü ve Makedon HalkıÜsküp Gezi Fotoğraf Rehberi

600 yıllık Türk hakimiyeti sayesinde Türkiye ile kültürel bağları kuvvetli olan ve bağımsızlıktan sonra da bunu pek te yok etmeye çalışmamış olan Makedonya’da iki büyük etnik grup bulunuyor. Bunlardan ilki çoğunluğu oluşturan, Slav kökenli ve ortodoks Makedonlar, diğeri ise azınlıktaki müslüman yada dinsiz olan Arnavutlar. Her iki grup arasında  dikkat çekici bir kutuplaşma söz konusu. Bu kutuplaşmayı Makedonya içlerinde daha rahat görebilirsiniz. Köylerden geçerken Arnavut köylerinde mutlaka ya minareye yada evlere asılmış Arnavut Bayraklarını rahatlıkla görebilirsiniz. Üsküp’te ise nehrin bir tarafı, yani eski şehir bölgesi Arnavut; diğer tarafı yani yeni şehir kısmı ise Makedon çoğunluktan oluşuyor. Makedonlar arasında da artan milliyetçilik nedeniyle şehrin en yüksek yerine dev bir haç yerleştirilmiş, adı ise Millennium Haçı.

Ayrıca, sayıları azımsanmayacak Türk azınlıkta Üsküp’te yaşıyor.

Üsküp Gezi Fotoğraf Rehberi, Üsküp Fotoğrafları, Üsküp Gezi ve Fotoğraf Rehberi, Üsküp Fotoğrafları, Uskup fotograflari, üsküp gezilecek yerler, üsküp kaç günde gezilir, üsküp gece hayatı, üsküp kaç saat, üsküp vizeli mi, üsküpten ne alınır, üsküpte ne yenir, üsküp ün neyi meşhur, Üsküp'te ne kadar para harcanır, Üsküp'te hayat pahalı mı, makedonya gezilecek yerler, üsküp hayat kadını, üsküp alışveriş, üsküp fiyatlar
Üsküp Eski Çarşı

Üsküp Gezilecek Yerler, Nerede Fotoğraf Çekerim? – Üsküp Gezi Fotoğraf Rehberi

Üsküp’te yapılabilecek şeylerden işte benim 6 tavsiyem:

1. Türk Çarşısı – Eski Çarşı, kentin hızla değişen imajına rağmen rustik cazibesini koruyan ve kalabalıklar içinde yavaş alışveriş yürüyüşleri yapabilmeniz için mükemmel bir yer. Osmanlı Camileri, Türk hanları, kebapçıları ve küçük dükkanları ile labirenti andıran eski Türk çarşısı mutlaka görülmesi gereken yerlerden. İstanbul Eminönü veya İzmir Kemeraltı’nın küçük bir kopyası gibi.

2. Kale – İyi korunmuş ve süper havalı, harika bir eski kale. Üsküp Kalesi, bir savaşçı olmanın neye benzediğini hayal etmek için sizi eski zamanlara götürüyor. Giriş ise ücretsiz.

3. Millennium Haçı – Vodno Dağı’nın şehre bakan kısmına yapılan Millennium Haçı, aynı zamanda dünyanın 2. büyük haçı. Araba veya otobüs ile yukarı çıkıp, ardından teleferiğe binerek buraya ulaşabilirsiniz. Yukardaki kafeteryada sıcak şarap veya kahve içerek Üsküp’ü yukarıdan izleyebilirsiniz. 

4. Mustafa Paşa Camisi – 1492 yılında yapılan cami 1963 depreminde zarar görmüş ve restore edilmiş. Kaleye çok yakın olan caminin avlusundan, eski çarşı ve üsküp manzarasını izlemek keyifli.

5. Rahibe Teresa Anı Evi – Şehir merkezindeki Rahibe Teresa anı evini zamanınız bol ise gezebilirsiniz.

6. Matka Kanyonu – Üsküp’te fazladan bir gününüz varsa mutlaka ziyaret etmeniz gereken bir doğa harikası. Özellikle doğadan hoşlanıyorsanız ve trekking yapmayı seviyorsanız burası sizin için ideal bir kanyon.

Makedon Mutfağı

Makedon mutfağı tipik Balkan mutfağı unsurlarından oluşuyor. Üsküp’e gelip Makedonya usulü bir çeşit köfte olan Cevapcici‘yi ve Tafça Grafça‘yı yani güveçte kurufasulyeyi denememek olmaz. Bir Türk lokantası olan eski çarşıdaki Destan bunun için çok iyi bir seçenek. Ayrıca Türk kahvesi ve tatlıları da yine eski çarşıda tadabilirsiniz. Burada da baklava, lokum, kadayıf gibi tatlılar satılıyor. Denemek isteyenler için Skopska geleneksel Makedon birası

Üsküp’e Ulaşım

Makedonya İçinde Ulaşım

Üsküp’e yada Üsküp’ten diğer Makedonya şehirlerine ulaşım genelde otobüs veya araba ile yapılıyor. Kalkandelen (Tetovo) 43 km uzaktıkta. Meşhur gölleri ile Ohrid 181 km, Doyran (Dojran) ise 174 km mesafede bulunuyor. Atatürk’ün okuduğu ve ortasındaki çeşme ve havuzuyla ünlü Manastır (Bitola) 174 km uzaktıkta bulunuyor.

Balkanlardan Ulaşım

Kosova’nın başkenti Priştina, Üsküp’e 90km uzaktıkta bulunuyor. Yunanistan Selanik, 237 km mesafede bulunuyor ve ulaşım yaklaşık 3 saat sürüyor. Bosna Hersek’in başkenti Saraybosna ise 503 km uzaktıkta ve yolculuk 9 saati bulabiliyor. Sırbistan Belgrad, Üsküp’e 430 km mesafede ve ulaşım arabayla 4 buçuk saat sürüyor.

Üsküp’te Konaklama

Üsküp Otelleri

Üsküp Gezi Fotoğraf Rehberi, Üsküp Fotoğrafları, Üsküp Gezi ve Fotoğraf Rehberi, Üsküp Fotoğrafları, Uskup fotograflari, üsküp gezilecek yerler, üsküp kaç günde gezilir, üsküp gece hayatı, üsküp kaç saat, üsküp vizeli mi, üsküpten ne alınır, üsküpte ne yenir, üsküp ün neyi meşhur, Üsküp'te ne kadar para harcanır, Üsküp'te hayat pahalı mı, makedonya gezilecek yerler, üsküp hayat kadını, üsküp alışveriş, üsküp fiyatlar
Park Hotel Skopje

Üsküp’te uygun fiyatlı ucuz otellerin fiyatları çift kişi için 25 USD civarında. Diğer Üsküp otelleri gecelik 50 USD civarında fiyat veriyor.

Park Hotel & Spa

Makedonya, Türkiye’ye ve özellikle İstanbul’a göre oldukça ucuz. Bu nedenle kendinizi şımartmanız için ideal bir yer. Bu sebeple otel seçerken muhteşem Vardar Nehri manzarası, keyifli spa’sı, lezzetli restoranı ve oldukça iyi kahvaltısı ile ünlü Park Hotel’i tercih etmenizi öneririm. Konforlu bir tatili, uygun bir bütçe ile yaşayabilirsiniz.

Üsküp Marriott Hotel

Üsküp’ün tam merkezinde, Büyük İskender Heykeli’nin bulunduğu meydanda yer alan Marriott, yeni, çok merkezi ve konforlu bir otel. Özellikle şehrin kalbinde kalmak ve her yere yürüyerek gitmek isteyenler için ideal bir otel.

Üsküp’te Ev Kiralama

Üsküp’te günlük ev kiralama ücretleri de oldukça uygun. Airbnb’den yada farklı sitelerden ev bulabilirsiniz. Burada dikkat etmeniz gerekenler, evin merkezde olması ve eğer araba kiraladıysanız ücretsiz otoparkı olan bir ev bulmak avantajlı.

Üsküp Gezi Fotoğraf Rehberi, Üsküp Fotoğrafları, Üsküp Gezi ve Fotoğraf Rehberi, Üsküp Fotoğrafları, Uskup fotograflari, üsküp gezilecek yerler, üsküp kaç günde gezilir, üsküp gece hayatı, üsküp kaç saat, üsküp vizeli mi, üsküpten ne alınır, üsküpte ne yenir, üsküp ün neyi meşhur, Üsküp'te ne kadar para harcanır, Üsküp'te hayat pahalı mı, makedonya gezilecek yerler, üsküp hayat kadını, üsküp alışveriş, üsküp fiyatlar
Büyük İskender Anıtı

Üsküp’te Ulaşım

Üsküp’te toplu taşıma yani otobüs ile uğraşmayıp oldukça ucuz olan taksi kullanmanızı tavsiye ederim. Havalimanı’ndaki fiyatlara aldanmayın, şehir içinde taksi ücretleri oldukça uygun. Havalimanında ise nedense pahalı.

Üsküp Gece Hayatı

Eski Çarşı’da genel olarak canlı müzik sunan ve geleneksel Balkan eğlence hayatını yansıtan mekanları bulabilir, Makedon gece hayatını keşfedebilirsiniz.


Kivanc Turkalp Photography © 2016-2023

Budapest Travel Photography Guide

Budapest, Budapeşte

Budapest Travel & Photography Guide

Budapest Travel Photography Guide


General Information

Capital of Hungary, Budapest. The beautiful city on the Danube. With more than thousand years of history and a fantastic riverside, Budapest is one of the most photogenic city in Europe. Especially at night. Weather of Budapest can be cold in winter so you may choose Spring and Fall for visit. (0 – 22 °C monthly average degrees in a year)

First impression about Budapest: Central European Beauty.

Today, Budapest is a popular tourist destination in Europe.

Language: Hungarian
Population: 1,7 million
Currency Unit: Hungarian Florint
Visa and Entry: A Schengen Country

  • Seven islands can be found on the Danube: Shipyard Island, Margaret Island, Csepel Island, Palotai-sziget (now a peninsula), Népsziget, Háros-sziget, and Molnár-sziget.
  • Budapest has architecturally noteworthy buildings in a wide range of styles and from distinct time periods
  • Public Transportation : BKV City buses, metro has 3 lines in Budapest, HEV is railway for suburbs, ferry boats in Danube, funicular in Buda Castle. Airport is 15km away of city center.
  • Time of Budapest : GMT +1 (CET)
  • The first subway line in mainland Europe, the Millennium Underground in Budapest, opened in 1896
  • Weather of Budapest

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Top 6 Things to Do in Budapest – Budapest Travel Photography Guide

1. Buda Castle Hill –  This World Heritage Site is easily visible from everywhere in Budapest. Also, Exploring Castle Hill’s beautiful buildings and cobblestone streets can occupy an entire day. The central Trinity Square fills daily with tourists visiting the famous Matthias Church. The Fishermen’s Bastion and the Royal Palace, together with the Hungarian National Gallery, are also popular sights.

2. Budapest Opera House – Experience the incredible acoustics inside the Budapest Opera House, considered to be among the best in the world. Built in the 1880s, the Budapest Opera House stands as one of the most prestigious musical institutions in Europe. Catch a staged opera performance by Verdi, Puccini, Mozart, or Wagner – just don’t delay for too long, performances sell out quickly!

3. The Chain Bridge– The Chain Bridge was the first bridge to permanently connect Buda and Pest. At the time of its completion, Chain Bridge was considered to be one of the wonders of the world. Chief engineer Adam Clark completed the span in 1849. Crossing the bridge is just a short walk and no matter which direction you go, the view is beautiful.

Budapeşte Gezi ve Fotoğraf Rehberi, Budapest Travel Photography Guide
Chain Bridge and Danube River

Amazing Parliament Building

Budapeşte Gezi Fotoğraf Rehberi, Budapest Travel Photography Guide

4. Hungarian Parliament Building – The Parliament building, a magnificent example of Neo-Gothic architecture, is just over 100 years old. It’s the third largest Parliament building in the world, and is also home to the Hungarian Crown Jewels. Tours are available when the National Assembly is not in session. It is the biggest building in Hungary with its 268 metres (879 ft) length.

5. Fishermen’s Bastion – Fishermen’s Bastion is one of the most fascinating sights on Castle Hill. Although fishermen from Watertown (Víziváros) reputedly defended this part of the city during the Middle Ages, Fishermen’s Bastion was built in the 1890s and it’s purely decorative. Today, it’s a favorite lookout.

Budapeşte Gezi ve Fotoğraf Rehberi
Fishermen’s Bastion

6. Gül Baba’s Tomb – Gül Baba’s octagonal tomb is located on Mecset Street, a short but steep walk from the Margaret Bridge in the district of Rózsadomb. It was built by Ottoman authorities in Hungary between 1543 and 1548, on the orders of the third pasha of Buda, and has a shallow dome covered with lead plates and wooden tiles.

Photography in Budapest – Budapest Travel Photography Guide

The Buda Castle hill offers plenty of viewpoints on the whole Danube with the bridges. One of my favourite spots are located in front of the Royal Palace, looking over the Chain Bridge and Parliament.

You can get up to Buda Castle on many paths. One I recommend starts at Clark Adam Square, right next to the Funicular’s starting point.

If you go all the way up, you’ll get to the Royal Palace. From here, looking over the Dabube, you have a fantastic view on Chain Bridge and Parliament. Here it’s also fun to play with vertical compositions with the Parliament and the Chain Bridge

Fishermen’s Bastion is probably the most touristy and crowded spot in the whole city. But if you go early morning or at evening, it’s a bit calmer.

Mathias Church : You can even go up to its top, there’s a balcony around. You have to climb 197 stairsteps and take a guided tour to get there, but the view is worth it

Gellért-hill – Citadel is the best vantage point for photography.

You can see the whole Buda Castle area, the Chain Bridge, Margaret Bridge, Parliament, St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the Budapest Eye at Deák Square.

The best time to go there is at Blue Hour, after sunset, or in late afternoon in sunlight. This place is really the best vantage point in the city, offering many great compositions!

Transportation to / from Budapest

From Belgrade to Budapest is around 380km and it takes 4 and half hour by car and 7 hours by bus. Zagreb, Croatia is 350km and trip takes 4 hours by car and 5 hours by bus and train. Vienna, Austria is 250km, it takes 3 hours by car, by train and by bus. Prague, Czech Republic is 525 km and trip takes 5 and half hours by car, 7 and half hours by bus and train.

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© Copyright Kivanc Turkalp Photography, 2016-2023

Sokak Fotoğrafçılığı için ipuçları

Sokak Fotoğrafçılığı için ipuçları

Çekim yaparken bazı pratik bilgileri ve teknikleri öğrenmek isterseniz, işte size Sokak Fotoğrafçılığı İçin İpuçları :

1. Sahne çalışması – Sokak Fotoğrafçılığı için ipuçları

Sokak fotoğrafçılığında gördüğüm yaygın hatalardan biri, fotoğrafçıların sahnenin sadece 1–2 fotoğrafını çekmesi ve bilinçli, gergin ya da sabırsız oldukları için yollarına devam etmeleridir.

Bunun yerine sahne çalışmasını deneyin. Sahnenin birden fazla, tercihen 15 ile 20 karesini çekin.

Ne kadar çok “sahneyi çalışırsanız”, harika bir fotoğraf çekmeniz daha olasıdır. Bazen arka planda olanlar, bir kişinin göz teması veya bir el hareketi, fotoğrafı güzel yapan şey oluverir.

2. Flaş kullanın – Sokak Fotoğrafçılığı için ipuçları

Eğer sadece ışık iyi olduğunda fotoğraf çekiyorsanız bir sorun yok. Ancak günün ortasında, gölgede veya içeride çekim yapıyorsanız, konunuzu arka plandan “pop” almak için flaşınızı kullanmayı deneyin.

Fotoğraf makinemi kişisel olarak “P” (program) modunda tutuyorum ve otomatik flaş ayarlarını kullanıyorum. Varsa kameranıza takılı flaşı veya kameranızın flaşı yoksa küçük bir harici flaş kullanın.

Bir nesnenin güneşe karşı fotoğrafını çekerken veya zayıf bir aydınlatma durumundayken flaş kullanabilirsiniz.

3. Göz teması kurun – Sokak Fotoğrafçılığı İçin İpuçları

Bir söz vardır: “Gözler kalbin aynasıdır.” Fotoğrafınızda göz teması olması fotoğrafı görüntüleyenin imajınıza çok daha fazla bağlı olduğunu hissetmesini sağlar. Neredeyse çerçevenizin konusu doğrudan fotoğrafı görüntüleyene bakıyor gibi görünür.

Göz teması ne kadar güçlü olursa, fotoğraf o kadar duygusal ve daha akılda kalıcı hale gelir.

Sokaklarda çekim yaparken nasıl göz teması kurarsınız? Önerim: Kişilere yaklaşın ve sizi fark edince ama sizinle göz teması kurmadan, fotoğraf çekmeye başlayın. Göz teması kurdukları kareleri böylelikle yakalayacaksınız.

4. Hafifçe Eğil – Sokak Fotoğrafçılığı İçin İpuçları

Birçok fotoğrafçı göz seviyesinden fotoğraf çeker. Sorun şu ki bu sıkıcı bir bakış açısı. Her zaman dünyayı bu perspektiften görmeye alışkınız – biraz daha alçalarak benzersiz bir perspektif elde etmeye çalışın.

Konuyu aşağı doğru alarak ve nesneyi düşük bir açıdan çekerek, konunun yaşantınızdan daha büyük görünmesini sağlarsınız. Çerçevenin kenarlarındaki şeyler de abartılı hale gelecektir.

Sadece bu değil, çömelerek veya hafifçe eğilerek modele çok daha küçük ve daha az göz korkutucu gelirsiniz. Bir kralın önünde eğilen bir şövalye gibi düşünün.

5. “Korumasız An”ı yakalayın – Sokak Fotoğrafçılığı İçin İpuçları

Genellikle “belirleyici anı” yakalamaya çalışmakla ilgili çok uğraşırız ve çok çabalarız. Bununla birlikte, “korumasız anı” yakalamaya çalışmayı da öneririm (modelin sizi unuttuğu an).

Fotoğraf çekerken kaçınmaya çalıştığım, birisinin bana bakıp bir barış işareti ile poz vermesidir. Benim yapmaya çalıştığım şey, “unutulmuş bir anı” yakalamaktır – bir an beni unutur, kamerayı unutur ve birazcık ruhunu gösterir. İşte bu modelin korumasız anıdır.

“Korumasız anı” nasıl yakalarsınız?

Çekmek istediğin modele “Bugün için planlarınız neler?” gibi açık uçlu sorular sorabilirsin. Nerelisin? Kişisel tarzını nasıl tarif edersin? Hayat hikayen ne? ”

Ve sonra insanlar konuşmaya ve “hikaye anlatma moduna” geçmeye başladığında  “poz” gibi olmayan daha özgün anları yakalayabilirsin.

6. Modelinizi yönlendirin – Sokak Fotoğrafçılığı İçin İpuçları

Modelinizden izin almak isterseniz, bunları da yönlendirebileceğinizi bilin. Genelde modellerden basit bir arka plana karşı durmasını veya ilginç bir el hareketi yapmasını isterim.

İlginç bir el hareketi veya mimik yapmaları için onlara güneş gözlükleri, saçları ve hatta saatleriyle ilgili sorular sorarım. Mesela onlara “Nereden aldın?” diye sorarım ve konuşmaya başladıklarında el hareketleri yapmaya başlarlar. İşte o an deklanşöre basma zamanı gelmiştir.

Ayrıca, “çalışırken”, saçlarıyla oynayarak veya “sert görünerek” yukarı ve aşağı zıplayarak konuyu gevşetmesini isteyebilirsiniz.

Ama sokak fotoğrafçılığında bu “özgün olmayan” değil mi? Benim için sokak fotoğrafçılığı “nesnel” bir gerçeklik değil, kendi gerçeklik versiyonunu yaratmakla ilgili.

Sokaklarda yönetmen gibi olan büyük fotoğrafçı William Klein’ın ünlü fotoğrafı “Silahlı çocuk” ta bile çocuğa “Sert görün!” dediği bilinir.

Sokak Fotoğrafçılığı için ipuçları

7. “Bunu benim için tekrar yapabilir misin?”?

Bazen bir kişiyi çekerken, ilginç bir hareket yaptığını görürsünüz. Konuyu anlatmak için, “Bunu tekrar yapabilir misin?” Diye sorun ve tekrarlatın.

8. “Balıkçı” tekniği – Sokak Fotoğrafçılığı İçin İpuçları

Bu, sokak fotoğrafçılığında en klasik tekniklerden biridir — ilginç bir arka planı belirleyin ve konunuzun çerçeveye girmesini bekleyin.

İster ilgi çekici bir arka plan, billboard, öncü çizgiler arayabilir, isterseniz etrafınızda dolaşan konunuzla yan yana konum oluşturabilirsiniz.

“Balıkçılık tekniği” olarak adlandırılmasının sebebi, balıkçılıkta oltanızı denize atar, bekler ama saatlerce balık tutamayabilirsiniz. Bazen de çok fazla balık yakalayabilirsiniz. Sonucu asla bilemezsiniz ama burada en önemli beceri sabırdır .

9. Head-on çekim – Sokak Fotoğrafçılığı İçin İpuçları

Birçok yeni başlayan sokak fotoğrafçısında gördüğüm bir başka yaygın hata, karşıdan fotoğraf çekmemeleri; aksine, yanlardan fotoğraf çekmeleridir.

Çok daha çekici, enerji dolu ve dinamik fotoğraflar çekmek istiyorsanız, tam karşıdan fotoğraf çekin. Bazen yanlışlıkla insanlara çarpabilirsiniz, ancak bu özellikle geniş açılı bir lensle çekim yapıyorsanız önemlidir. Geniş açılı bir lens ve karşıdan çekim yaparken, fotoğraflar, bakanları gerçekten oradaymış gibi hissettirir.

Bunu yapabilmenin yolu kalabalık bir caddede yürümek, merkezi bir yerde durmak ve insanların size doğru yürümesini beklemekten ibarettir. İstediğin kareyi yakaladıktan sonra ise hiçbir şey olmamış gibi davran ve yoluna devam et.

10. Katmanları / derinliği oluşturma – Sokak Fotoğrafçılığı İçin İpuçları

Daha fazla derinlik ve karmaşıklığa sahip daha ilgi çekici fotoğraflar istiyorsanız, katmanları birleştirmeyi deneyin.

Önerim, kameranızı manuel odaklamaya alarak arka planı netliği (3 ila 5 metre arasında uzaklığa) oluşturmaktır. Diyafram öncelikli modda çekim yapın, kameranızı f / 8 ve daha yüksek derinlikte ve 1600 veya 3200 gibi yüksek ISO değerlerinde tutun. Ardından çerçevenize daha fazla konu eklemeyi deneyin — ön plan, orta zemin ve arka plan.

11. Çizgileri / desenleri / dokuları arayın

İnsanları fotoğraflamak havasında değilseniz, çizgiler, desenler ve dokular üzerine odaklanıp; insanlar olmadan daha kavramsal sokak fotoğrafçılığı yapabileceğinizi unutmayın.

“Kentsel manzaraları” çekerken bunu çokça yapabilirsiniz. Eski binaların veya yerlerin çizgilerini, desenlerini ve dokularını bularak, fotoğrafınıza daha fazla karakter ve duygu kattığınızı hissedeceksiniz.

12. Negatif alanı kucaklayın

Daha çok minimalistseniz, fotoğrafta negatif alan olmasını tercih edebilirsiniz. Negatif alan, fotoğrafınızın “nefes almasına” ve izleyicinizin fotoğrafınızdaki tek bir konuya daha fazla odaklanmasını sağlar.

Negatif alan nereye eklenir? Benim önerim sadece sezgisel olarak kullanmaktır – çerçeveniz çok kalabalıksa, daha fazla negatif alan ekleyin.

Ayrıca, dramatik gölgeler yakalayarak fotoğrafınıza daha fazla negatif alan ekleyebilirsiniz. Güneş doğarken ya da gün batımında çekim yapın ya da -1 veya -2 pozlama telafisi ile parlak ışıkta fotoğraf çekin. İşlem sonrasında “siyahlar” ve görüntünüzün kontrastı artar.

13. Eksi pozlama telafisi

Bu, önceki teknikle ilgilidir. Fikir, konunuzu parlak ışığa sokmak ve kameranızın pozlama telafisini -1 ile -3 arasında herhangi bir yere yerleştirmektir. Böylece günün ortasında çekim yaparken bile arkaya dramatik gölgeler ekleyebilirsiniz.

14. Lider Hatlar

Lider hatlar, sokaklardan sokak direklerine, parklara ve hatta sürüş yollarına kadar her yerde bulunabilir.

Önde gelen satırları birleştirmenin kolay bir yoludur. Önce, gelen satırları tanımlamak gerekir. Ardından doğru konuların çerçeveye girmesini beklemek gerekir.

15. Çerçeveden çıkar

Çerçeveye dahil etmemeye karar verdiğiniz şey, çerçeveye dahil etmeye karar verdiğinizden daha önemlidir. Yani çekim yaparken, kendinize şöyle bir sorun, “Çerçevemde gereksiz olan ne? Çerçevemin kenarlarında dikkat dağınıklığı yaratacak bir şey var mı? Neyi tutmaya ve neyi çekmeye karar vermeliyim? ”

Hiçbir dikkat dağıtıcı kalmayıncaya kadar bunları çerçevenizden çıkarmaya devam edin ve görüntünüzün özüyle kalın.


Bunlar sokak fotoğrafçılığında kullanılacak bazı pratik ipuçları ve tekniklerdir, ancak bunun tam liste olmadığını bilmelisiniz. Bu tekniklerin bir kombinasyonunu deneyin ya da pratik yapmak istiyorsanız, bir gün içinde bu tekniklerden sadece birine odaklanın.

Sokak fotoğrafçılığı araç takımınıza eklediğiniz daha fazla araç ile, belirli çekimler için daha hazırlıklı olursunuz. Hepimizin farklı tarzları ve yaklaşımları olsa da, konfor bölgenizin dışında bir şey denemek, bir fotoğrafçı (ve insan) olarak büyümenize ve gelişmenize yardımcı olacaktır.

Cesur ol, devam et ve güzel fotoğraflar çek!

Ana SayfaAkşam Gazetesi Röportajı

Kivanc Turkalp Photography © 2016-2022

How to always find cheap flights

How to always find cheap flights

1. Be flexible with travel dates and times – How to always find cheap flights

Maybe you ask yourself that how to find cheep flights.  Airline ticket prices vary depending on the day of the week, time of year, and upcoming holidays, such as New Year’s Eve, Christmas, Bayram, or semester break. July and August are big months for traveling around Europe, and everyone wants to go somewhere warm in the winter or travel when the kids are out of school.

If you are going to fly when everyone is flying, then you’re going to pay higher fares. Try to be flexible with your dates. If you are dead-set on visiting Istanbul, go to Istanbul in the spring or fall when fewer people visit and airfares are cheaper.

Furthermore, it’s always cheaper to fly during the middle of the week than on a weekend, because most people travel on the weekends and airlines increase their prices then. Prices are also cheaper if you fly after a major holiday like Christmas or a long Bayram holiday.

Early-morning or late-night flights are cheaper because fewer people want to travel then.

How to always find cheap flights

2. Be flexible with destinations – How to always find cheap flights

Airline search engines have made it really easy to search the entire world to find the cheapest ticket — you no longer have to search manually. Kayak offers the “Explore” tool that allows you to put in your home airport and see a map of the world with all the flights on it. For example if you want to go to Ljubljana but ticket prices are really high, it would be useful to examine the airports that can be flown cheaper than the city you want to go to. For Ljubljana; you may try Graz, Zagreb or Trieste flights. You  can pass to Ljubljana by train or bus.

3. Fly budget carriers – How to always find cheap flights

In 1980s and 90s, if you wanted to fly between continents, you were mostly stuck with traditional expensive airlines. That’s no longer true. Budget airlines now service many long-haul routes, making it possible to bounce around the world for little money.

Just be sure to check for fees. So if you don’t follow their rules, you’ll get hit with a terrible fee! Budget airlines will charge you for checked bags, carry-ons, printing your boarding pass, using a credit card, and anything else they can get away with. Also, some budget airlines fly to airports further out of  town. Be sure to add up the cost of the ticket.

4. Book connecting flights for less – How to always find cheap flights

Sometimes it’s cheaper to fly to Istanbul and take a budget airline to Athens than to fly direct to Athens. By working various airlines and special offers, you can save a lot.

Kivanc Turkalp Photography, How to always find cheep flights
Istanbul, Turkey

5. Search different engines – How to always find cheap flights

You need to search as many flight search websites as you can in order to ensure you are not paying more. It’s important to check a few sites before you book, as you’ll often see variations in prices, and you don’t want to miss a deal.

Best online tools for searching flights :

Momondo, Sky Scanner, Google Flights, Hip Munk, Kayak

6. Buy flights in Bulk

As a general rule, you will get better price on your flight tickets if you buy more at the same time, but only if they are with the same airline, or airlines in the same alliance (e.g. Star Alliance). For example, flying a return ticket from New York City to Istanbul with Turkish Airlines will be cheaper than 2 one-way tickets.

7. Book early, but not too early

Airline fares will keep rising, but there is a sweet spot when the airlines begin to either lower or increase fares based on demand. Don’t wait until the last second but don’t book far, far in advance either. The best booking window is 6–8 weeks before your flight, or around three months before if you are going to your destination during peak season.

8. Look for tickets in other currencies

If your country’s currency is currently strong compared to others around the world, search airfare in a country where the currency is weaker. Before booking a flight, consider if the rate is cheaper if paid in another currency. Often budget airlines will make you pay in the currency of the country you’re departing from, but this isn’t always the case.

If you follow the tips above, you’ll get a great deal and avoid being the person who paid the most for a ticket!

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