Izmir Photographer

Izmir Photographer

Izmir Photographer

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Professional Photo Shooting in Izmir – Izmir Photographer

As many photographic authorities have accepted, Izmir is an incredibly Beautiful City for photography. During your trip to Turkey, how about taking professional photos of you in this amazing city?

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Photo Shooting in Izmir will be a great memory of your visit, in addition, a great experience. For instance, as a solo traveller, with your friends or family, or with your lover. All are possible in beautiful Izmir.

Wedding, anniversary, honeymoon, marriage proposal, birthday. Or family shoots, friends shoots. Or solo, just for your trip

If you haven’t been on a photo shoot before or if you are camera conscious, DON’T WORRY. For instance, I will help you look natural and feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Groups – Izmir Photographer :

If you are a solo traveller, this photo shooting will be ideal for you. That is to say, you will not made shots with selfie sticks. In addition, a trip without a photo will make it difficult to remember.

Furthermore, I will give you some information about İzmir. In other words, I will show you main spots of the city effortlessly.

You may bring different outfits and accesories certainly.

Couple Photographer Izmir : This photo shoot for couples would be great. Your photos will reflect a love story in Izmir. Therefore, it will make you always remember these pleasant days. And it will make a smile on your face. Certainly, you may bring different outfits and accesories. In other words, flowers, baloons and lights are also possible.

Family Photographer Izmir : Is there anything like a very enjoyable photo shoot for families and groups of friends? Firstly, photos with graffitties can be funny. For instance, Photos and videos taken while throwing hats into the air… Photos taken while laughing and chatting in a cafe.. In conclusion, Forgetfulness and fun frames after all.

Izmir Photographer
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Mini Photo Session :

  • 60 Photos
  • One Location : Optional ; Alsancak, Mavişehir, Konak, Agora or Asansor
  • Delivery within 2 days
  • Duration : 60 Min
  • Digital Delivery via Google Drive or Mega.nz with one-click sharing or also downloading.

Standard Photo & Video Session :

  • 80 Photos + a Short Video
  • Two Locations : Alsancak + Konak or, Konak + Agora, Konak or, Asansor or Karsiyaka + Mavisehir
  • Delivery within 2 days
  • 120 min Photo & Video Shooting
  • Digital Delivery via Google Drive or Mega.nz with one-click sharing and also, downloading

Pro Photo & Video Session : 

  • 180 minutes Photo Shooting
  • Three Locations : Alsancak + Pasaport + Konak or Konak + Agora + Asansor or Karsiyaka + Mavi Sehir + Bostanli
  • 100 Photos + 2 Short Videos
  • Digital Delivery via Google Drive or Mega.nz with one-click sharing or downloading
  • Delivery within 2 days
  • Transfer is the responsibility of you.
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Places – Izmir Photographer :

Izmir Photographer, Photographer of Izmir, İzmir Fotoğrafçı

Alsancak District:

izmir alsancak photographer : Alsancak, Punta, is the most popular district in Izmir. Also, it offers ideal opportunities for photography with its bay windows and historical narrow streets. Firstly, we will start in Kordonboyu (seaside) and shoot some seaside photos. After that, and, secondly, we will discover historical and tiny streets of Punta. Due to this athmosphere, We will catch nice perspectives in this area. Thirdly, we will continue to rooftop and shoot photos with skyscrapers of Izmir and business distict. However route may change according to your wish.

Asansör (Historical Elevator ) :

Asansor (Historical elevator – Lift) is the old Jewish Neighborhood of Izmir. The historical Elevator was built by a Jewish businessman, in 1907. Firstly, Dario Moreno Street will be our first point. The charming old street at the foot of the elevator is named after Dario Moreno, an international singer and a native of Izmir. Secondly, asansor will be our next point. The historical Elevator is the best structure to watch the view of Izmir. For example, Terrace cafe is a point of attraction with its scenery of Gulf of Izmir and Pub is very popular among the younger generation. Finally, if time permits, we will be able to shoot by the sea.

Agora (Ancient Bazaar of Smyrna) :

Agora is the ancient bazaar of historical Izmir (Smyrna). Nowadays, Izmir Agora presents very good alternatives and shoot opportunities inside the ruins.

Konak :

izmir konak photographer : Konak is the main square of the city. Famous Konak Clock Tower located in here. In this route, firstly we will start in Konak Square. Secondly, Kemeralti (Old Bazaar) will be on our route. Thirdly, and most importantly, Kızlarağası Hanı (Kizlaragasi Inn) will be other photo shooting point.

Karşıyaka District :

Karsiyaka (Karşıyaka) :

izmir karşıyaka photographer : Karsiyaka located in the north of Izmir Bay. Karşıyaka can be preferred for photography with its walking path by the seaside, pier and market.

izmir photographer

Izmir Photographer

Mavisehir (Bluecity, Mavişehir) :

Mavisehir is the modern face of İzmir. Ideal for more urban-style shooting.   There are three big Malls and a beautiful Park located. After all, mavisehir is close to seaside and it offers seaside shooting.

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Around Izmir:

Alacati (Alaçatı) Photo Shooting :

Alacati is 75km (55 min) from Izmir. It offers tiny and fascinating streets. Firstly, there are nice cafes, cute decorated coffee shops and bars. Secondly, the historical atmosphere is great for photography. There are several windmills in the center of Alaçatı. Alaçatı is famous for windsurfing. Thirdly, and most importantly, there are many wonderful and clean beach facilities. beach photo shooting is possible in there.

For more information about Photo Shooting in Alacati click here!

Eski Foca (Eski Foça) Photo Shooting

Foca (Foça) : A hidden fishing town of the Aegean. Foca offers tiny streets with historical stone houses, colorful cafes and amazing seaside. Moreover, It has an ancient castle in town center. By the way, three windmills on a hill offer a magnificent view of Foça bays and islands.

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Cesme (Çeşme) : Ceşme Castle, built in 1508, is an important photographic point. And Also, Aya Yorgi Beaches and Cesme Marina are the other main spots.

Urla : Urla Sanat Sokağı ( Urla Art Street), Vineyards of Urla, seaside and Urla Marina are main spots for shooting.

Ephesus (Efes) : The ancient city of Ephesus takes you on an unforgettable journey through history. One of the most important ancient city of the world. As a result, This city may be your another photo spot.

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Alacati Photographer
Izmir Photographer

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