Skopje Travel & Photography Guide

Skopje, Shkup, Üsküp

Skopje Travel & Photography Guide

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General Information

Welcome to Skopje! on both sides of the Vardar River. Skopje is the capital of Macedonia. Skopje is an important city in both the Byzantine and Ottoman eras. Today, the city is undergoing a rapid transformation through a major reconstruction project. Skopje is a complete architectural chaos, with buildings of Slavic culture, terrible communist blocks from the former Yugoslavia and neoclassical buildings of the new construction.

First impression about Skopje: Turkish Impact.

Today, Skopje is not a very popular tourist destination but is often visited for its historical bazaar and culture.

Language: Macedonian, Albanian, Turkish
Population: 550,000
Currency Unit: Macedonian Denar
Visa and Entry: No visa required. Some questions may be asked in passport control.

  • The city’s foundation dates back thousands of years.
  • In the period of 1912-13, it came out of the Turkish government.
  • In 1963 Skopje was destroyed by an earthquake.
  • It has been the capital of the Republic of Macedonia since it declared its independence in 1991.
  • In 2010, Skopje 2014 has begun construction of large buildings and sculptures with the name of a city project. According to the writers, 200 to 500 million euros were spent, aiming to increase the effect of both the tourist attraction and the Macedonian culture.

Macedonian Culture and People of SkopjeSkopje Travel & Photography Guide

Because of 600 years of Turkish domination cultural ties with Turkey is strong. This connection has not tried to be destroyed after independence. For this reason, Skopje today, has not lost its multinational and diverse architectural features.

Top 6 Things to Do in SkopjeSkopje Travel & Photography Guide

1. Turkish Old Bazaar – The Old Bazaar is a destination that keeps its appeal despite the city’s rapidly changing image and perfect for slow shopping walks in the crowds. With its Ottoman inns, mosques and baths, kebab shops and small souvenir shops, Old Turkish bazaar is a must see place in Skopje.

2. Castle – A wonderful old castle; well preserved and super cool. The castle takes you back to old times to imagine what it would be like to be a warrior. Entrance is free.

Old Bazaar in Skopje, Macedonia

3. Millennium Cross – The second largest cross of the world built on the mountainous side of  Vodno. You can take the cable car there and watch Skopje from above by drinking hot wine or coffee in the cafeteria above.

4. Mustafa Pasha Mosque – The mosque built in 1492. Temple was damaged in the 1963 earthquake but restored. It is pleasant to watch the old bazaar and skopje view from the courtyard of the mosque, which is very close to Castle.

5. Mother Teresa’s House – It can be seen when you are in Skopje.

6. Matka Canyon – If you have an extra day in Skopje, the canyon is a must-see for nature.

Macedonian Foods – Skopje Travel & Photography Guide

Tavche gravche is the national dish of Macedonia. It is composed of beans and other vegetables and prepared in a skillet.

Ćevapi or ćevapčići is a grilled dish of minced meat, a type of skinless sausage, found traditionally in Macedonia.

The Destan in the old bazaar, a Turkish restaurant, is one of the best traditional restaurants in the city for Cevapcici and Tavche Gravche.

You also should try Turkish Coffee and traditional sweets in Old Bazaar.


Accommodation in Skopje – Skopje Travel & Photography Guide

Skopje Travel Photography Guide

City Park Area

Park Hotel & Spa  :

Located in the Skopje city park, Park hotel epitomizes the essence of harmonious, yet sleek shapes and colors in an alluring and sophisticated place which makes it the first choice for the epicurean traveler.

Skopje Travel Photography Guide

The unique atmosphere of Park Hotel & Spa, with an impeccable choice of art objects organically intertwined amidst the city park greenery, provides you with the best experience of being a guest at the crossroad of the Balkan region.

Four Restaurant, Skopje

City Center

Marriott Skopje  :

Whether you’re visiting Macedonia for business or on vacation, you’ll love the stylish accommodation, friendly service and convenient city center location of Hotel Marriott Skopje.

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