Athens Travel & Photography Guide

Athens,  Αθήνα , Atina

Athens Travel & Photography Guide

A short and concise guide about Athens I have been many times. For more information, you can contact me by e-mail. I organized many PhotoWalks in Athens with the Greeks and foreigners. Now I will share my experiences and photos with you. I hope it goes well.


General Information – Athens Travel & Photography Guide

Athens … A 2,500-year-old Acropolis in one side, a strangely cluttered, strange-looking apartment buildings, and a mass of white concrete in other side…. That’s Athens.

Getting away from the Acropolis and more touristic areas provides a much more authentic Athens city experience. It might not be pretty, but it comes with character and a real picture of the city, past and present.

My first impressions of Athens : Quite Relaxed, Noisy and Fun
Language: Greek
Population: 4 million people
Currency: Euro
Visa and Entry: Schengen Visa is required for non-EU. Passport control is smooth.

Athens Travel & Photography Guide

  • Athens was founded in 1000 BC.
  • The city takes its name from Athena, the mystic goddess.
  • Architectural structure 6-7 story reinforced concrete apartments and tents in every balcony.
  • In 1458 it passed to the Turkish sovereignty, and in 1833 it became the capital of Greece.
  • It was occupied by Germany in 1940.
  • Between 1941 and 1943, 100 thousand people starved to death in Athens.
  • Athens hosted the Olympic Games of 1896 and 2004.

Best Places for Photography in AthensAthens Travel & Photography Guide

1. Acropolis – Yes, so touristy…. But you shouldn’t care how crowded with tourists it is, it’s a must see for a reason. Entrance fee is 12 eur. Summer can cause annoyance in extreme temperatures. There are dressing booths on the exit that will change your clothes. Ideal for taking photos of both Acropolis and Athens at the same time.

2. Monastiraki – Monastiraki is one of the busier neighborhoods and it’s always full of life. It is famous with Flea Market, Historical Mosque and  view of Akrepolis Athens. A for Athens Bar next to the square offers a roof-bar and wonderful Acropolis and Square view. Can be evaluated for photography.

3. Calatrava and Olympic Architecture – Futuristic architecture. Athens Olympic Sports Complex is a collection of structures belonging to the Spanish architect Calatrava. It is a good opportunity to see impressive modern architecture of the city with its ancient masterpieces. Great place for architecture photography.

Monastiraki Square – Athens Travel & Photography Guide

4. Faros Psychio – The Faros Neo Psychico neighborhood, just outside the city. It is renowned for its small streets of cafes and bars known to the Athenians, unknown to tourists. Especially on weekends, the nights are very attractive.

5. Plaka – A great place to photography, the Plaka neighborhood just below Acropolis. If you are following a few greek instagramers, you will immediately recognize the photos. Plaka is a very charming neighborhood with old Athens narrow streets, small houses and small cafes.

6. Syntagma Square – Syntagma Square in which the Parliament of Greece is located takes its name from the Constitution. The classic location of the photographers is the soldiers waiting in front of the Parliament and its guardian changing ceremonies.

Athens Travel Photography Guide
Greek Evzones Soldier in front of Parliament of Greece, Syntagma Square

Accommodation in Athens Athens Travel & Photography Guide

Hilton Athens  : Hilton Athens is more than a hotel. A favorite among locals and guests alike, our landmark hotel is a destination itself as the hub for Athens’ business, cultural and social life. Explore our unique architectural and artistic style and relax at the spa. View the Acropolis and city skyline from the private balcony of your guest room. Our prime location in the heart of Athens is the perfect home base for discovering the city’s world-famous attractions.

Syntagma & Plaka Area

New Hotel  : Offering an entirely New approach to young interior design, energetic hospitality, and seductive customer-centered services. New Hotel is the first ever hotel project of award winning designer duo, Fernando and Humberto Campana. New Hotel is located on 200 meters from Constitution Square and within walking distance from the city’s main attractions. Both leisure and business travelers will enjoy this enviable NEW hotel, right at the centre of Athens.


Coco-Mat Hotel : Coco-Mat Hotel Athens is an understated luxury, design hotel that sits in the heart of Kolonaki, perhaps the city’s most exclusive district, and offers relaxing sleep, delicious breakfast and selected services for its esteemed guests.

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