About Kivanc Turkalp

Let’s be clear – I specialise mainly in portrait, street and human element photography. I started to shoot on everyday basis in 2014 when I started my Instagram account.

About Kivanc Turkalp

Firstly I was uploading my photographs to Instagram (click here to follow me at Instagram). After some time I decided that this is not enough and wanted to gather all my favourite shots in one place and combine them with this web site.

I am in the process of developing my own style, so my shots were inspired by various photographers. Also, situations, people, artists, cultures or even places that I visit to. I try to find inspiration in everyday life.

More than 40 countries visited by me in four continents. But I don’t need Paris, New York or Beijing to do Street Photography, I am satisfied with Whatever place I am in. And also I do not need a Supermodel to do Portrait and Human Element Photography. I strongly believe that you can find amazing photo opportunities in ANYWHERE and with ANYBODY.

The same applies to photo equipment – I use one point and shoot camera – Nikon D750 and I am more than sure that camera that you use, lens that you crave, tons of photo equipment gathered in your closet can only distract you from what is the most important – showing the world with your own eyes and camera or lens is just a tool. It is still YOUR EYE, nobody else’s eye.

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