Alacati Travel Guide

Alacati Travel Guide

Welcome, pleasureseekers! Well, the thing about Alacati is hanging out in nice places, strolling, seeing well-groomed people, dressing well, eating well, loooong nights and necessary & unnecessary shopping. If you’re coming to Alaçatı, don’t expect it to be such an ancient city, museums, etc. A place for sheer self pampering. We are here to make pinpoint discoveries those who love dolce vita.

Is Alacati worth visiting? It certainly is. Alacati is effortlessly cool one of the best places to visit in Turkey. Alacati is known for its architecture, vineyards, windsurfing, windmills, and sea. Stone houses, boutique hotels, narrow streets, fency cafes and restaurants with tables on the streets.

Alacati has streets decorated with art and taste. It’s not full of venues playing oriental music blaring and hookah cafes like some other travel destinations. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t criticize anyone’s taste. However, Alacati has its own identity, a unique texture. So it is special.

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AlacatI Travel Planning – Before You GoAlacatI Travel GuIde


The closest airport to come to Alacati is Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport. There are direct flights to Izmir from many cities in Turkey as well. And also direct flights from ;

Ireland, Israel, UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, Finland, Austria, Greece, Russia, Macedonia, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait and UAE.

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Where is Alacatı, Where is the Sea? Alacati Travel Guide

Basically Alacati is a town of Cesme. Alacati center is called Koyici. You know, it’s the place where pictures of cute streets with bougainvillea and stone houses are taken. The pulse of Alacati is beating here, boutique hotels, restaurants and boutiques are here. However, Koyici is not by the sea.
In Which Region should a Hotel Reservation be made in Alacati? Alacati Travel Guide

Alacati has three main sections as Koyici, Port and Surf-Zone.

Koyici the center of Alacati. Where all hotels, shops and venues are. Click for location.

Port Alacati / Alacati Port Port Alaçatı is a decent settlement with a marina and complex mix. The biggest difference from the normal site is that boats are parked in front of the houses, not cars. In addition there are many beautiful houses and several restaurants. If you’re not a boat owner,
not a place to go very often, but it can be nice for dinner. Click for location.
There are some nightclubs in the next section of the port.

In the daytime Koyici is dully because, people go to the beaches. In fact, many businesses do not even open until the evening. But mostly staying in Koyici is preferred because:

1. Koyici is Alacati’s attraction center
2. Driving a car to go to the sea during the day is not a problem. But at night, after dinner with raki and wine, it is pleasant to reach the hotel on foot instead of driving a car.
3. Staying in boutique hotels surrounded by historical stone mansions is part of the Alacati experience.

But there are places in Koyici where you can get overwhelmed by the noise and crowd. When choosing your hotel, it is very important to choose the right place. Below you can find the hotels we recommend.

Alacati Surf Zone – Basically, as it is called, the place where windsurfing is done. It is considered as one of the best windsurf spots in the World. There are several hotels, surf schools and restaurants here. It takes 10 minutes from Koyici by car. Click for location.

Previously, one of the PWA (windsurfing world cup) legs was held here. However, the Alacati stage was excluded from the championship due to the terrorist attacks that took place in Turkey a while ago. However, it is expected that Alacati will host the championship organization again very soon. Here is one of the best windsurf venues, whether there is a championship or not.

Hotels, Houses & Villas in Alacati Alacati Travel Guide

Alacati has accommodation options for all tastes and budgets. If you choose the stone houses and hotels suitable for Alacati’s authentic soul, you will have a much more enjoyable accommodation experience. Below are our selected hotels and houses from Alacati.

Is it Necessary to Rent a Car? Alacati Travel Guide

It is possible to go from one place to another in the center, Koyici, on foot, but you will need a car to go to the sea. Because swimming places are not within walking distance. In addition, Alacati holidays are generally experienced to cover the whole Cesme Peninsula. In general, people take Alacati as their center and make trips back and forth daily. Because there are restaurants, beaches, bars, etc. that you will not want to miss in Cesme peninsula, even in Urla. In summary, you should consider renting a car. Another option is taxi, but prices are high. CLICK HERE to rent a car from Izmir Airport at affordable prices.

Port Alacati - Alacati Travel Guide
Port Alacati

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Places to visit in Alacati – Alacati Travel Guide
1. Main Streets of Alacati – Alacati Travel Guide

Streets of Alacati are quite famous. We say Alacati, but we actually mean Koyici. These streets are so pleasant that those who come for the first time usually cannot move forward without taking pictures of these beautiful stone mansions surrounded by bay windows and bougainvillea.

But of course, it is a much more enjoyable experience to explore these beautiful stylish streets with an English speaker Professional photographer, to learn about local places and to take wonderful shots in surprise corners. I can accompany you to do my personal private photo shoots that I have previously presented in Istanbul, Paris, Amsterdam and London. If you want to pamper yourself in Alacati or make your holiday memories with your family or friends more pleasant, you can contact me.


In the streets of Alacati, the architecture from the Greeks was preserved, and new buildings were built in the same style.

Alacati streets are divided into two T-shaped main arteries in front of Kose Coffee in the center of Koyici. One of them is Kemalpasa Street, which used to be the most prestigious place of Alacati. The other is the street that wanders the Hacimemis District, which developed later and stole the throne of Kemalpasa, and stretches to Dutlu Kahve.

If we talk about the history of these postcard streets, we know that most stone houses date from the 19th century. At that time, the name of Alacati was “Alatzata”. The meaning of its name is “Red Roof”.


I said that Alacati is not a place for cultural trips, but you may want to visit the Aya Konstantin Church / Pazar Yeri Mosque in Koyici. When the Muslim population in the village increased, the village church was converted into a mosque, but a small chapel is still standing inside for the Christians of Alacati. Fener Greek Patriarch held a ceremony here in the past years.

Alacati Travel Gude
3. Beach Clubs – Alacati Travel Guide

First of all, you will need a vehicle to go swimming, whether it’s rental car or a taxi. You will not want to be limited to only beach opportunities of Alacati. You will want to go to places in Cesme, such as Aya Yorgi. Moreover, even to go to the beaches in Alacati, you need a car.

Some options near Alacati:

Deliklikoy. It’s popular with white rocks and amazing blue color of sea. This beach is totally free and very good alternative for photography. Especially the white rocks and the blue sea make a great backdrop for photos in colorful clothes or swimsuits. There are not many facilities. There is no possibility to rent sunbeds and umbrellas. Bring your own towel as there are no changing facilities.

Ilica Beach: This one is in high demand due to its sandy and warm nature.

Boyalik Beach : Boyalik is famous with sandy beach and turquoise color waters. Boyalik is a good alternative for seaside photo shooting. Beach is totally free and street parking is available.

Before Sunset, is located in Azmak bay of Ovacik village, where Cesme’s cleanest and calmest bays are located. The beach, where people of all ages can spend time, is a place preferred by those who seek calmness during the week and those who do not give up on entertainment at the weekend. Since the owner himself is a DJ, there are good parties.

Sommer Klein : This beach is very close to Alacati. It is almost 10 min by car. It is a place for photography with animal figures made of wood, giant crystal and wonderful sands. DJ parties are also popular.

Sole Mare : Sole Mare, located in Aya Yorgi, is one of the oldest and classics of Cesme. The beach here consists entirely of sand and there are no waves in the sea. Therefore, it is a very suitable beach for children. It is one of the places that serve as a beach during the day and a club at night.

CLICK & BOOK NOW! – Alacati Travel Guide

Beach of Momo, the choice of celebrities and enthralled with sunset parties. Happy hour starts at the Beach after 5pm. The best part is the parties accompanied by DJ at sunset.

Alacati Travel Guide

Boheme Beach : Instagram friendly, “photogenic” beach. In many places, there are dream catchers, swings, fency tents for photo shooting. The beach is also pet friendly. Happy hours start at 5pm every day until 9pm. Every Sunday, there are parties that last from 8:30pm until 1am.

Plage Isolée does not accept small children. If your expectation from Beach is to be able to swim in a calm sea and relax in a facility, it is just for you. Pet friendly.

Paparazzi : Cesme’s first Beach Club, established in 1984 in Ayayorgi Bay. It is also famous for its live music nights, parties and restaurants next to the beach.

Shayna is located in Aya Yorgi Bay. You can lie on the grass, on the sand or on the wooden platform. A place for all tastes. You can have your dinner here in the evening and continue the night.

Cove in Aya Yorgi. It is a relatively new establishment, but in a short time, it has become one of the most preferred beaches in Cesme thanks to the sea and the gentle wind of Aya Yorgi Bay.

4. Windsurf & Kitesurfing – Alacati Travel Guide

Alacati is among the best windsurf spots in the world. In fact, one leg of the World Windsurf Championship was held here. The wind blows ideally and steadily, but because it is in a closed bay, the water does not fluctuate. The sea is slowly getting deeper. The wind blowing 310 days a year also makes learning windsurf easier.

5. TRY AEGEAN CUISINE – Alacati Travel Guide

Alacati is not one of the places where you follow the to-do list to the letter. There aren’t a lot of landmarks, archaeological sites, or museums to add to a to-do list – instead, wandering the cobblestone streets, taking photos, and perusing the colorful buildings is one of the best things to do in the town. Keep calm and sip Turkish coffee during the day and wine or cocktails at night. And of course, taste the delicious food of the Aegean cuisine.

Alacati is also famous for its restaurants with delicious recipes, fish and seafood alternatives, and restaurants serving artichokes with olive oil, fava and many Aegean classic appetizers.

6. NIGHT LIFE OF ALACATI – Alacati Travel Guide

Beach Club Happy Hours… Put your hand on your conscience and say, doesn’t it sound good to dance on the sand with your bare feet by the sea as the sun goes down? Usually a DJ plays and accompanies it with percussion or vocals. If you want, you can go to a beach around noon time and stay there until midnight.

Bars. Alacati is a bar-hopping place. There are so many nice places that it would be a shame to choose just one and spend the whole night there.There are many stylish bars where you can taste pop-up cocktails and play Lounge music. When you come here, you can look at the ambiance and visit the bars.

Clubs : Bedevi, Sommer Klein and Dusk are popular dance clubs in Alacati region.

7. SHOPPING – Alacati Travel Guide

There are a lot of nice shops. There are so many beautiful things from art galleries, antique shops, ceramics and opticians that one can be a shopping freak.

If you do not like simple souvenirs, many shops s1melling art and pleasure await you in the streets of Alacati, from shawls and shirts to handmade jewelry, from sculptures of local artists to ceramics.

Alacati Travel Guide

8. PORT ALACATI – Alacati Travel Guide

Port Alaçatı is a complex that combines the marina, villas and living center on the way from Alacati center to the Windsurf Zone. The feature of the houses is that the boats can park right in front of their houses like cars. By the way, do not miss the restaurants here. Right on the seaside tables.


About 150 years ago, the Greeks built 4 large and small mills on a windy hill to grind wheat. In the past, there were 20 throughout Çeşme, however , only 10 of which have survived time. Here is a nice place for Photo Shooting in Alacati.

10. MASTIC – Alacati Travel Guide

In the 19th century, Haci Memis Efendi invited the Greeks living in Chios to Alacati to work. The Greeks of Chios are allowed to settle in Alacati to work in the fields of the Turks. They also bring their mastic recipes when they come. Unfortunately, there is no mastic production in the region today, but there were Mastic trees or Pistacia lentiscus here in the past. Even though there are no trees, mastic flavors continue to live in Alacati. While you’re at it, don’t forget to eat mastic pudding, cookies, ice cream and milk desserts or drink your mastic coffee.


Alacati’s hip, stylish and chock-full of boutique hotels. Detailed info is coming soon!


Cesme Downtown : Cesme Marina is one of the most pleasant places in Cesme where you can shop and spend time at charming cafes and restaurants by the sea. If you are interested in history, I recommend you to visit the 16th century Cesme Castle and the Museum where the finds from the Ancient City of Erthrai are exhibited.

Caravanserai, which is used as a hotel today, was built in 1529 by Suleiman the Magnificent. Aya Haralambos Church, which was built in Cesme in 1832 as an Orthodox place of worship, is now used as a cultural center.

Altinkum (Golden Sands) : Altinkum Beach, which is only 10-min away from Cesme downtown, awaits you with its beach clubs on a 500-meter clean sandy beach. Due to its location, it is wave-free most of the year and the water is colder than other places in Cesme Peninsula.

Erythrai Ancient City : Ancient city of Erythrai is located 10 miles (17km) north-east of Alacati. The Acropolis area, the Temple of Athena and the ancient theater were unearthed. You can examine the valuable items found in the ancient city in the museum inside the Cesme Museum.

Germiyan : 10km east of Alacati. I recommend that especially gastronomy enthusiasts add Germiyan Village to their to-do lists. This is because Germiyan, the only Turkmen settlement in Cesme, is a village join the Slow Food movement.

Esek Island : Donkey Island, which you can visit by participating in daily boat tours, attracts the attention of holidaymakers thanks to its clean coves and location suitable for underwater sports. Accommodation is not allowed on the island, which takes its name from the lovely creatures that were once left here and multiplied over time.

Izmir Downtown : While you’re in Alacati, wouldn’t you like to visit the biggest city of the whole Aegean and the 3rd biggest city of Turkey? Izmir, “Pearl of the Aegean.”. This city has a lot of landmarks for example it is famous with its iconic Clock Tower, Kemeralti Bazaar & Kizlaragasi Inn, Ancient Agora of Smyrna, Historical Elevator of Jews & Izmir Bay view and Alsancak District & its Levantine Soul.

Due to its multicultural history and its location in the Aegean, with their fruitful edible bounty, Izmir has a lot of fantastic food. And city is a good alternative for shopping.

CLICK HERE for Izmir Downtown Travel Guide!

Alacati Travel Guide

Ephesus : Ephesus was an ancient city of about 250.000 inhabitants once upon a time. Ancient city of Ephesus (Today’s Selcuk) is 150 km (95 mile) away from Alacati. It is famous with huge ancient theatre, Library of Celsus, bordello, mosaic houses. You can also add the Virgin Mary’s House, which is very close to Ephesus, and Sirince Village, which is famous for its wines, to your route.

Foca : Foca is a small fishermen’s village located in north of Izmir. All fish restaurants, discos, shops, bars and recreational areas are lined up along the shore. On narrow stone-paved streets, you will see little stone-houses lined up across from each other.

Alacati Travel Guide

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