Podgorica Travel & Photography Guide

Podgorica Travel & Photography Guide

Podgorica Travel & Photography Guide

Given it’s undergone five name changes, passed through the hands of everyone from the Romans to the Turks to the Austro-Hungarians, and twice been wiped off the map entirely, Podgorica has a fairly dynamic history. This Podgorica Travel & Photography Guide will help you.

General Information – Podgorica Travel & Photography Guide

The Podgorica area has been continuously inhabited since the beginning of the Ottoman Empire rule. Podgorica was reincorporated in Montenegro in 1878, when the city started to take a more European shape. Nazi and Allied bombings during the World War II were destroyed much of the historical Ottoman and Montenegro-era Podgorica architecture.

The city is definitely worth visiting. Owing to its interesting mix of old and new, its café culture and nightlife, and its laid back Mediterranean atmosphere. Both Montenegrin coastal cities and its mountain resorts are within one hour’s drive from the city. So it is an excellent starting point for day trips to anywhere in Montenegro.

My first impressions of Podgorica : Quite Relaxed
Language: Montenegrin
Population: 150.000 people
Currency: Euro
Visa and Entry: Not a Schengen State

The Guide Podgorica

Top 6 Things to Do in Podgorica – Podgorica Travel & Photography Guide

1. Old Turkish Town – Known as “Stara Varoš” (“old town”), with its mosques and old clock tower. A typical old Turkish “kasaba” (town), with narrow and curvy streets. Frankly, there are only few sights in this old town, in comparison with other cities in Montenegro because of the bomb attacks in WWII.

2. Trg Republike – The central square of the city, next to Hercegovačka street, a lot of life at the end of the day, when people finish to work. Lot of cheap restaurants and friendly people, a pleasant place to spend the first part of the evening.

3.Cathedral of Christ’s Resurrection – The large dome, white stone towers and gold crosses of this immense new Serbian Orthodox cathedral are a striking addition to Podgorica’s skyline. When the building was consecrated in 2014, it attracted much controversy for its lavish frescoes, one of which depicts Tito, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels burning in hell together.

4. Niagara Falls – The falls are at their dramatic best after the spring thaws, but you’ll find plenty of locals taking a dip in their somewhat depleted – but supremely swimmable – depths come Podgorica’s sizzling summer.

5. Šipčanik wine cellar – Ten minutes out of Podgorica and 30m underground, the enormous cellar – owned by Montenegro’s largest wine company, Plantaže – occupies what was once a secret underground aircraft hangar operated by the Yugoslav People’s Army.

6. Petrovic Palace – The Contemporary Art Centre operates two galleries in Podgorica. The bottom two floors of this 19th-century palace are given over to high-profile exhibitions, while the top floor has an oddball collection of traditional and modern art  from its days as Yugoslavia’s gallery devoted to art from countries belonging to the Non-Aligned Movement.


The Capital Plaza Complex

centreville hotel logo ile ilgili görsel sonucu

CentreVille Hotel  : Offering an entirely New approach to young interior design, energetic hospitality, and seductive customer-centered services, CentreVille Hotel is located within Capital Plaza and within walking distance from the city’s main attractions. Both leisure and business travelers will enjoy this enviable CentreVille hotel, right at the centre of Podgorica.


Out of Center

Verde complex

Verde Complex : Hotel Verde is part of the recreation complex, located out of the city, along the river Sitnica, which determined the concept and content of the hotel, tailored to the customer needs. The hotel is open for the organization of various sports, business, cultural and other events, all upon client’s request; It is ideal for professional athletes’ trainings, conference tourism, for business people, but also for beginners who simply desire to enjoy the various facilities of the Complex


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