Tbilisi Travel & Photography Guide

Tbilisi,  თბილისი , Tiflis – Tbilisi travel guide

Georgian capital, Tbilisi, is in the heart of the Caucasus between Europe and Asia. The city has been a target for various powers over the centuries. This has given Tbilisi a diverse mix of culture and backgrounds, which is reflected in both its people and architecture. Tbilisi Travel & Photography Guide

General Information – Tbilisi Travel & Photography Guide

Tbilisi is a unique city due to its chaotic past of struggles and war, while also bringing diverse cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds.

My first impressions of Tbilisi : Old Streets, Religion and Markets

Language: Georgian
Population: 1,1 million people
Currency: Lari
Visa and Entry: No visa required. Passport control is smooth.

  • Tbilisi was founded in 4th century BC.
  • Tbilisi means warm location in Georgian language.
  • It was a part of Russian Empire between 1801 and 1917.
  • Around 89% of the population consists of ethnic Georgians.
  • The architecture in the city is a mixture of local (Georgian) and Byzantine, Neoclassical, Art Nouveau, Beaux-Arts, Middle Eastern, and Soviet modern styles.

Tbilisi Travel & Photography Guide
Tbilisi Travel & Photography Guide

Best Places for Photography in Tbilisi – Tbilisi Travel & Photography Guide

1. Old Town – The main attraction for visitors to Tbilisi is its Old Town. Cobblestone streets, brick buildings and old Georgian Orthodox churches fill this unique and charming district.

2. Rustavelli Avenue – Rustaveli Avenue is the central street in Tbilisi. This main thoroughfare is a mix of modern and 20th-century architecture, with some of the most important cultural and government buildings in the city. The avenue is also full of cafes, shops, restaurants and entertainment, so it packs with more people than any other street in Tbilisi.

3. Freedom Square – Freedom Square is the main square of Tbilisi and has a mix of locals and tourists. It’s right by the Old Town and most of the shopping and nightlife of Tbilisi. It’s also where Rustaveli Avenue starts, so it’s in the middle of most of Tbilisi’s attractions.

4. Station Square – Surrounding the Station Square station is the biggest market in the city, which spans multiple street blocks. Produce and cheeses are the big sellers, but you can find plenty of other stuff too, including non-food items. The vibe at this market is very local, which makes for much more interesting Street Photography opportunities, in my opinion, compared to other cities’ tourist driven markets.

5. Bridge of Peace – The Bridge of Peace takes you over to Rike Park which keeps the modern style going. Rike Park is one of the newest public recreation areas in Tbilisi and it shows. The city put a lot into and it’s a very interesting park with its Dancing Musical Fountain, curvy pathways, and beautiful greenery.

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Travel from Tbilisi

When you are in Tbilisi, you may visit around. You can go to Baku, Azerbaijan from Tbilisi, trip takes 8 hours by car. It is around 580km. To Yerevan, Armenia, trip takes 5 and half hours despite 280 km distance. Mahachkale, Russia is 480 km and trip takes 8 hours by car. Istanbul, Turkey is 1,640 km and it takes 21 hours by car and 2 and half hour by plane. Tehran, Iran is 1,160 km and trip takes 15 hours by car and 1 hour 45 min by plane. Ankara, Turkey is 1,300km and it takes 17 hours by car and 2 hours by plane.

Another big city of Georgia, Batumi is located near to Black Sea. Distance between Batumi and Tbilisi is 380 km. Travel to Batumi takes 6 hours by car and 11 hours by train. By plane trip takes 40 minutes.

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